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Outstanding Classes

With a variety of educators available, find recorded and live virtual classes that suit your specific needs! Not sure what you're looking for? Send us a message, we are happy to make recommendations and arrange consultations with educators!

Top Educators

A variety of Wellness Educators are here because they have a passion for their craft. Their specialities cover the many pillars of wellness. For example, some Educators can assist you in mobilizing physical health goals, grow or maintain a solid fitness foundation, or explore personalized nutrition options. Others have offerings for mindfulness and mental wellness; helping to audit current behaviours, habits, addictions, issues with time etc. Take a peak and find an Educator that suits your needs, budget, and personality!

Community Connections

Since its conception, a major value has always been community. Soul Academy Wellness is proud to partner with local organizations to mobilize accessible, inclusive wellness to all humans within our community. Interested in becoming a partner? Connect with us and we would be happy to discuss!

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Apply today to become a Soul Academy Wellness Educator and mobilize offerings of your design, on your own time, for prices you choose, as often as you’d like. No employer, no boss, no contract! Just you, your business and your clients!

Community Membership

Our wellness should not be limited.

It should not be hard to find an Educator you connect with.

And you should feel good about knowing your investment is going directly to that Educator.

Becoming a member of this virtual wellness based community means accessing services such as weekly community classes, special events, and private resources, all a-la-carte with that investment going directly to the Educator (who also sets the price).

In one place you can find who you want, what you want, on a budget that works for you.

A Community Membership is free, because your feedback on this virtual space and the resources you’d like to see is valuable! Please let us know your thoughts & feedback- so we can make this community better together!

Check out our Educators, sign up, book and your link to that virtual session will become available on your profile and in your email!