Code of Conduct

Website User Behaviour

Everyone will treat each other on the Soul Academy Wellness Website (hereafter ‘Website’) with respect and dignity. Soul Academy Wellness commits to providing a healthy, safe and diverse environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and violence. Any users in violation will be immediately blocked with extended action taken if necessary depending on the severity of infringement. We ask that during live classes or events participants find a quiet place to participate away from loud noises or distractions or mutes their microphone if noise is anticipated to respect others. If you would like to mute your microphone but are unsure of how please contact our technical support person through the Chat bubble or through email at [email protected]


Sensitive information that Soul Academy Educators and Administrators receive through the Website from other Educators, Administrators or Community Members must not be divulged to anyone other than persons who are authorized to receive the information. When in doubt as to whether certain information is confidential, employees should seek guidance from the administration before disclosing it at [email protected] Information should be consulted on a need-to-know basis. Confidentiality continues to apply after the relationship ceases and any documentation or paperwork will be stored for a minimum period of five years.

Content Restrictions

This is designated as a platform for Wellness, and while we respect the right of expression, we ask that content being shared, commented, or communicated remain impartial of prejudice, bias, and judgement. Examples of such content include but are not limited to violent content, gory content, graphic content, pornogrpahic content, offensive, ignorant or inconsiderate content. We ask all users to spread knowledge, kindness, and support.

Service Conduct

The Educators providing services are responsible for their scheduling and advertising. We ask that all participants and educators arrive to online classes or services on time. Any changes or cancellations must be made more than 24 hours prior to service start time and all those involved will receive notification via email and through the Website of any changes. Users must make any appointment changes 24 hours prior to the start time of the appointment, otherwise refund is to the discretion of the educator.