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My name is Mike Wisniowski, and I have been a fitness professional for over four years and an educator for over six. I consider fitness and wellness one of my true passions--what started as a sports fanaticism in my youth quickly evolved into an obsession with wanting to know how to achieve peak performance, be it in an athletic competition, artistic performance or everyday activity. Also, after five years teaching teenagers how to appreciate Shakespeare in classrooms, I've discovered much prefer teaching adults in gyms, outdoors and online! (Though I still do teach English Language classes from time to time...) When the COVID-19 pandemic first shut the doors of gyms and studios all over the world, I, like many of you, was struggling to find ways to keep active while stuck at home; I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those of us who did not regularly exercise before these drastic changes. That's why, in the months where I was not at my gym, I dedicated myself to learning, certifying myself, and growing my expertise in dynamic ways of working out outside of the gym, including TRX, Stick Mobility, and the movement system I'm most excited to share with the Soul Academy family: Animal Flow. This quadrupedal, bodyweight-based program is, in my opinion, one of the most incredible ways to exercise I have ever come across and has led both myself and my clients to accomplish fitness goals initially thought impossible. I truly hope you will join myself and other burgeoning Flowists in my Animal Flow classes, but if you want to chat fitness, wellness, nutrition or anything else, feel free to reach out! I am thrilled to join this incredible community and look forward to helping you achieve your ideal self!


Animal Flow (L2 Instructor); Bodyweight exercise (including TRX & Stick Mobility); Personal Training and Fitness Coaching (CanFitPro, DTS Level 1); Nutrition Coaching (Precision Nutrition L1, L2 pending)

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