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Meet Lori, Lori has a passion for fashion, an eye for style and a genuine love of people. Lori, loves all things equestrian and she has always been devoted to good health, fitness and healthy eating. Lori realized she had a retirement dream of becoming a yoga teacher and since that moment Yoga has become the rock she leaned on and used to help her cope with chemotherapy and radiation.Yoga helped her to exercise her healing body and quiet the negative thoughts. Her yoga mat became a place of peace, contentment, and self-awareness and allowed her to create a strong mind-body connection. Lori believes each individual is traveling on their own path and she is a guide along the way to peace, serenity and good health Join Lori for a yoga class, she is honored to nurture and encourage you along the way. She is excited to see you discover your own personal journey through the magic of this practice.


Hatha yoga for everyone, mind/body/spirit connection, slow subtle movement to improve tired achey bodies.

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