Dane Kidner

About Dane Kidner

Dane is a recent graduate of Newfield Network in Boulder, Colorado, where he learned the practice of Ontological Coaching from some of the world’s top leaders in personal growth and development. Dane’s focus is on supporting clients with personal empowerment in addressing life’s challenges. He holds a space for you to discover your own answers, and develop the self-awareness needed to find healing and achieve your goals. Insight gained in a session will allow you to shift unwanted situations into a place of new perspective, opening you to greater possibility in your life. Dane’s own journey of self-awareness and personal growth began in childhood, when he was born with a health condition that required extreme medical interventions throughout his early years. His own path to healing the trauma of this experience led him to cultivate a refined self-awareness, and deep compassion. He now holds a safe space for others to learn about who they are and grow into their greatest potential. Dane most enjoys supporting those who are feeling stuck in some aspect of life, and are ready and willing to take action on finding resolution.


Personal Empowerment Coaching, Trauma Recovery, Loss & Bereavement, Health Conditions, Wellness Lifestyle, Qi Gong & Energy Healing.

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